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Yacht brokerage

Worry less and revel in even more. That’s our philosophy at Peake Yacht Services. As our ship yard is designed along with your preferences in mind, including a 150-ton vacation lift and storage capacity for over 350 ships, you'll take your time as an alternative to drench in lush environment and get to know our little island a little more. Rest assured we can handle various types of boats from deluxe cruising and motor yachts, racing maxis, survey vessels to heavy-duty tugs. We also appeal to crafts around 31-foot beam. Peake Yacht providers also provides a variety of services like antifouling, fibre-glass, artwork, and vessel building, including a convenient collection of various other on location services including our well stocked chandlery, storage space spaces, and more.

That’s not all. What if you had been enthusiastic about attempting to sell your ship or simply purchasing another? That’s in which our stock broker could be of great help you. We are able to find the right person for your boat and/or correct ship for you. In the event that ship of one's ambitions isn't on our list, we’ll allow you to believe it is.

What’s all of this company without a little enjoyment? Come relax on terrace of our ocean-view restaurant for a drink or a delicious dinner, or look at our hotel for air conditioned convenience and a peaceful night’s rest.
Develop to truly have the opportunity of taking care of your motorboat and making your stay with us as satisfying as you can. We invite you to email united states your questions, feedback or suggestions. We'd be thrilled to hear away from you!

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