Yacht Concierge Services

The Yacht Concierge
  • Yacht concierge solutions state with one telephone call, something can be arranged
  • Restaurant bookings, car hire, flights and hotels will be the most typical requests
  • Services may also arrange gas, insurance coverage, moorings and yacht repair works

A superyacht owner is sailing through breathtaking Pacific waters of Fiji and it has a craving for courgettes. What exactly is he to-do? request a refrigerated box of veggie become flown over by personal jet and sent to him on his boat, definitely.

It is one of the more extravagant demands Shelley Dowie from Oplicity Lifestyle control has gotten, but nevertheless features carried out. Oplicity, like many a number of other businesses, offers a concierge solution to yacht proprietors - specifically superyacht proprietors.

"with this particular variety of customers they need it today or they wanted it yesterday, " states Dowie. "So everything is rather immediate and done as quickly as possible." With a two-minute call, an entire night is organized anywhere in the world.

Dowie states consumers usually wish activities organized for all of them once they achieve the shore, whether or not they're when you look at the Bahamas or perhaps the Mediterranean. Restaurant bookings, car employ, flights and resorts are the typical type of demands, nevertheless they're not limited to litigant's leisure interests.

"if they desire cheaper gas, much on insurance coverage, mooring bookings, legal solutions and yacht repairs, they are able to call us, " says Michael Newton-Woof, whom established "The Yacht Concierge" as of this month's London Boat Show. "Consumers can call one phone number and have now us try everything, both onshore and offshore, " he claims.

Even though the concierge solutions profess never to say no, there are lots of client demands they're not going to adhere to. "We say we'll do just about anything, supplying it is appropriate and honest, so we have been tested, " says Dowie, which remains tight-lipped over just what these controversial requests have-been.

Dealing with demanding customers just who expect excellent criteria is certainly not unusual for the concierge solutions. But some times during the the year can be more difficult than the others, including during Cannes Film Festival as soon as the superyachting globe descends upon the French Riviera town.

"everybody desires the greatest table during the best restaurant or club, " Dowie explains. "it could get very political." To obtain around that she states Oplicity attempts to arrange several bookings for multiple solutions really in advance.

"We contact the yachts to see just what they need before they get to a slot." But she concedes that forward planning can only just help so much, with superyacht people likely to have a big change of head in only a matter of hours "from saying they're going to have dinner on the boat to desiring a limousine to take them into most readily useful restaurant around."

But "The Yacht Concierge" insists these services are not restricted to the superyacht super-rich. Newton-Woof feels most superyacht and gigayacht owners have their concierge services attached to their particular black charge cards. He desires "The Yacht Concierge" become offered to everyone who would like to save your time and money - all when it comes to cost of around $2, 000 a-year, plus a $55 cost each time you call the solution.

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