Yachting Services

Med Yacht Services

Equiom is proud to handle a portfolio of ownership frameworks for a few of this world’s most prestigious and valuable superyachts with all the current hallmarks of outstanding solution and powerful, revolutionary solutions.

These exquisite, yet susceptible possessions demand the greatest degree of protection and professional treatment. This is the reason our customers value the satisfaction of experiencing a secured asset guardian like Equiom on-board.

We're going to allow you to register a superyacht and select probably the most advantageous jurisdiction for VAT and tax performance. It is possible to rely on Equiom's extensive administration capabilities to include place the precise suite of solutions you need. This results in a bespoke, professional service well known for performance, innovation and accessibility for yacht proprietors, family members offices, technical managers, captains and professional advisers.

As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), Equiom is recognised for the customs performance and conformity and it is afterwards in a position to streamline the procedure for clients wishing to transfer their particular yachts into the European Union.

Equiom's yachting services

  • Multi-jurisdictional yacht registrations
  • Bespoke yacht ownership structures for VAT and taxation efficiencies
  • Formal and temporary EU importation of yachts

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