Moger Yacht Transport

pcc mastSo, you can imagine this was rather a sight taking a trip from Gardena to Sacramento!!! A 60' "pole dolly" pulled by an Astro Van!!! Even though i've a course 1 dirver's permit I thought I was planning have a heart attack there clearly was such adrenalin pumping in me once we pulled out of Moger's garden at 5am Monday early morning regarding the to begin the year!!!

David Caissie used myself from 110 highway towards 105 on 405, and I was off by myself once we crossed the Ventura highway headed for the 5. I pretty well knew which truck prevents to make use of in order to clear the turning radius regarding the thing. Probably the most jittery times were whenever I ended up being going past freeway on ramps understanding that the oncoming automobiles will have a difficult time seeing a 60' mast 2 legs from the surface!!!

We place clearance lights all over the mast, and a cross-piece with brake lights and change indicators. So there were three of every on the rig: the Astro van, the "dolly" and also at the tail-end. I possibly couldn't think it when I must turn in to the building at the end of the journey.pcc mast the doorway available right on to a street that sees 30, 000 cars a day drive by within one way. I had to make a sweeping change across

four lanes of visitors to make the door. To my amazement I'd the road to myself for about 30 moments, and voila!! We are residence! 10 hours at 55 mph with two stops for fuel!

Then, as you care able to see from after that variety of photos the task is to obtain the fact suspended from the rafters because we've got a company to run inside building: we offer nes and utilized scooters, renovate cars, motorbikes, scooters and old marine engines. (more about that at another time)

With the truck for a 12' sharpie that I had stripped and changed into haul a motorcycle a few years earlier in the day we rigged up a "dolly" the mast.

This got assembled in Moger's garden. It took about 8 hours for 2 of us to do it. I didn't take a rest to photograph some of that aspect; so these photos are after the arrival in Sacramento.

pcc mast

Therefore begins the saga of mast and growth we salvaged from PCC # ( Neil Atwood can tell us) whenever she ended up being chop up in Moger Yacht Transport garden in Gardena. We had been capable save your self many initial fixtures, the engine, mast, and boom. The lead ballast decided to go to the scrap yard to pay right back lease. After the mast was eliminated but I started paying rent maintain it into the garden!!!

After 3 years of storage in Moger's garden my income not-being immune from the effect of this downturn throughout the market (thak you Milton Friedman, Alan Greenspan, and you also money grubbing banksters!!) I needed seriously to fully grasp this thing someplace where I was already having to pay a sum of bread to keep things! Moger didn't have space on his vehicle to take it to my warehouse in Loomis when he transported BANANAS and three K-38 masts; so the PCC mast needed its conveyance.

I rigged up a system from an old tow bar I had utilized in 1971 to tow my Alfa Giulietta from north park to Bakersfield once I completed graduate school. ( unlike everyone's opinion I don't "hoard" things...

pcc mast pcc mast

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