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Catalina Yachts is a U.S.-based builder of fiberglass monohull sloop-rigged sailboats ranging in sizes from eight to 47 feet long. It had been established in 1969 in Hollywood, Ca by Frank Butler . Catalina Yachts is amongst the biggest vessel producers in the world, with more than 60, 000 ships manufactured currently. Though Catalina produces boats from as small as eight legs under their Capri nameplate, the company is best recognized for its production of mid-sized cruisers. The ocean-going Catalina 50 was their largest design, but has been discontinued and changed by the 470. Many initial models are in manufacturing albeit with significant modifications, and there are types of every Catalina model still in use.


In 1961, Catalina Yachts creator Frank Butler overran the creation of his or her own watercraft when their initial boat builder went off funds and borrowed money from Butler; struggling to repay your debt, the builder instead offered Butler the tooling to keep creating the ship. Butler later on gained full control of the organization, renaming it Wesco Marine and later Coronado Yachts. Numerous Early Coronado 25 yachts have the Wesco Marine nameplate in the transom.

Among the first models built by Coronado were the Victory 21 and the Super Satellite. In 1964, the Coronado '25 ended up being created, becoming initial vessel with a-one piece inside, making the watercraft stronger, less heavy, much less expensive than past designs. By 1969 the Coronado 27 and 30 base designs were being produced. In 1969 Butler offered Coronado to your Whittaker Corporation which had currently obtained Columbia Yachts; Whittaker carried on the Coronado range until 1974 producing the Coronado 34 using center cockpit designs 35 and 41. Butler remained with Whitaker for only 12 months then left considering disagreements with administration.

The first model built by Catalina Yachts had been a 22-foot design previously refused by Columbia. By 1977 Butler had designed and produced three more designs: the Catalina 25, Catalina 27, additionally the Catalina 30. In 1978 Catalina developed the Catalina 38 based on molds for a Sparkman & Stephens rushing design bought through the broke Yankee Yacht business. Butler redesigned the inside and offered it a "Catalina deck", bigger mast, reduced increase, and relocated the rudder.

In 1984 Catalina acquired Morgan Yachts and continues to use the manufacturer the brand-new deck-salon design CatalinaMorgan 440 introduced in 2004. Another Morgan designs like the Catalina created M381 and M45 center cockpit models had been recently retired.

Catalina Yachts Today[edit]

Catalina Yachts is just one of the largest watercraft producers in the field, with more than 60, 000 ships manufactured currently. Though Catalina produces boats from no more than eight foot under their particular Capri nameplate, the organization is the best known for its production of mid-sized cruisers. The ocean-going Catalina 50 had been their particular largest design, but was discontinued and replaced because of the 470. Most original designs continue to be in manufacturing albeit with substantial modifications, and you can find types of every Catalina design however in use.

Gerry Douglas, a key when you look at the organization, became Chief Engineer and V.P inside belated 1970s and it has created every watercraft when you look at the line ever since then, you start with the Catalina 36. Their newest designs are the 445, the 385, 355, and also the 315, all in banner associated with "5 show." The 5 Series moves the brand to a greater amount of overall performance, complete and engineering. Every model within the show has an emphasis on power: a five-part structural building insures a boat that stands up to time and environment; a watertight StrikeZone collision bulkhead is ahead; a DeepDefense rudder system for fail-safe steering, and also the T-Beam MastStep system, with all the benefits of a deck-stepped mast and power of a keel-stepped mast. The SecureSocket mast support/chain plate system facilitates load quality and watertight integrity. Knitted materials generate a stronger laminate without additional weight. Catalina’s lead keels absorb effect for protection, and require less upkeep than many other materials. All Catalina yachts bigger than 30 feet are designed to CE category A standards, are NMMA Yacht Certified, and follow all relevant American Boat and Yacht Council protection standards.

Gerry Douglas, vice-president, chief engineer and boat fashion designer for Catalina Yachts.

Douglas, in a 2012 Cruising World summary of the Catalina 315, stated that during the very early many years, Catalina’s business philosophy was to end up being the “price frontrunner” inside brand new sailboat marketplace. Because of the 2009 introduction associated with the 5 Series, the business made a conscious energy to keep up value whilst offering a higher standard of design criteria and functions that some might not expect through the brand. Douglas cited bigger engines, bigger battery financial institutions, big electric panels, increased tankage, and all-teak interiors—in a package that is better built, more content, and executes better—as examples of exactly what Catalina is attempting to attain.

Throughout, Gerry Douglas' styles have claimed 13 marine industry "Boat of the season" honors. Lately, the Catalina 275 Sport won the 2014 Boat of the season Award for "most readily useful Pocket Cruiser" and Sailing World 2014 Boat of the Year Award for "Best Recreational Racer." It is only the 3rd watercraft in 27-year history of Boat of the Year awards to win both prizes.

Gerry Douglas has been somebody in this independently possessed organization since 1998. He has got served as chairman of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), is a part regarding the Industrial Designers Society of The united states, in addition to Society of Naval Architects and aquatic designers. Gerry Douglas is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where he studied manufacturing design, and an alumnus of this Westlawn class of Yacht Design. He earnestly sails his own boats and pursues other sailing and volunteer tasks.

These days Catalina features one production center, in Largo, Florida, the former residence of Morgan Yachts. The Morgan manufacturing facility ended up being purchased by Catalina in 1984. Catalina's classic method of placing the deck on before the components enter was the rule into the old Woodland Hills, California, production factory, which closed-in 2009 as soon as the proceed to Florida ended up being finished. In Florida, the elements enter prior to the deck continues. Oftentimes, large assemblies including the mind (bathroom) tend to be pre-assembled and craned into the hull. This may be a vestige of this Morgan production tradition. But nevertheless the philosophy remains that every bolt-on component must fit through the hatches for maintenance—even the engine.

With some exclusions, Catalina has actually dedicated to future models making little changes from 12 months to year; it's encouraged the development of proprietors' associations which promote "one design" rushing, Catalina Rendezvous meetups for the nation, alongside forms of camaraderie. All the larger cruising course boats, 27 foot and larger, have actually fixed keels with lead ballast. A notable feature of most Catalina ships is their big cabin interiors and storage they supply.

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