International Antifouling

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Recently circulated enhanced form of Cruiser Uno brand new reasonable solvent formulation helps people reduce their particular general carbon footprint and environmental influence. Antifoul from Overseas a 'One Coat' antifoul.

Next generation Global Micron additional 2 is a higher energy polishing antifouling that provides exceptional antifouling performance even in the most difficult fouling conditions. Recently voted 'Best On Test' by PBO mag.

Overseas Interspeed Ultra 2 is a premium tough antifouling, ideal for fast powerboats into the greatest fouling conditions.

The ultimate item in deteriorating antifoulings.

Boatguard EU is an affordable, polishing, cruising antifouling made to supply great defense in reasonable to reasonable fouling difficulties. Specially formulated for use in fresh and brackish seas whilst also carrying out really in sodium liquid Boatguard EU provides a season very long security.Season-long performanceFormulated designed for use within fresh and brackish seas

High end, aluminum appropriate sluggish eroding antifouling for quickly rushing yachts and powercraft. Stay bright tints - well suited for Boottops.

10 times thinner than conventional antifouling!


Formerly called VC Prop-O-Drev . A Decreased rubbing antifouling with Teflon®. It really is well suited for use on outdrives, propellers, trim tabs etc, where in actuality the aerosol container guarantees simple application for the antifouling to embarrassing places. It is appropriate use on aluminium . Contains Copper Thioyanate and Irgarol 1051

Universal professional antifouling designed for cruising and power ships (up to 25 knots).
Contains Unique Water Activated Matrix technology, incorporating effective overall performance with very Low VOC.Provides outstanding defense against all types of fouling in most liquid kinds, including high-challenge areas, for up to two years.

According to complex Biolux SPC technology, it can last for 2 months and beyond and even shields over extended stationary durations, making Micron 77 the intelligent TBT replacement antifouling.

Interstrip Paint Remover was created to pull single element yacht paints such as for example enamels, antifouling, primers and varnishes. It works by softening or blistering the paint, which in turn makes it easy to get rid of using a scraper. Interstrip Paint Remover stays energetic far longer than old-fashioned paint removers and is suitable for usage on all substrates, including GRP.Interstrip Paint Remover is practically odourless when compared with other paint removers.

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